The idea of recording in the first place is to reach the public by introducing them to your music. After recording your latest project, we make possible by marketing and releasing your music and video to radio and audio on the world-wide web. This enables our artists to reach a wider range of listeners across the United States and throughout the world. With the right budget and the right music production, your music can reach the masses and our company can get you the exposure that you need to enhance your music to the public.


The difference between getting your songs noticed or just being passed over begins with the music. Our company’s writing services offer things such as : getting your songs published with BMI, ASCAP, assisting writers in getting their song material published, or assisting them in creating a publishing company of their very own. We also offer copyrighted services with getting your songs registered with The Registrar of Copyright with the Library of Congress to protect your music. Our office also offers a lyric service where we place your song lyrics to music, making a demo for your to solicit your song material to other artists for consideration. We also offer a song pitch service to other artists from our office. We offer many other services in making your songs professional and ready for recording and production.


When you are promoting your newest project, your entire presence and response depends on the professionalism of the look you present. From paper to web, your first impression says it all. Photos, text, bios, facts about you, the artist, all of it combines to say it all. First impression is the key to success in all you do. Never have to apologize for your presence. Make the right impression the first time. It is the difference in getting that radio airplay, to getting that booking or gig you have been looking for. Take your presence seriously and they will take you serious. PRESENT IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME! With a good press kit and website you can make that happen. We can help get that done for you.

All packages can be customized to meet your needs. No two packages are alike. Smaller packages
available upon request. Payment plans are available and financing may be available through
PayPal Credit. Please contact us or call our office at 615.571.5254.

We look forward to serving you very soon. We are here to discuss your options. Contact us today!

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