For many years the president of Instar Entertainment Label Group, Jim Frazier has been a strong part of the music industry.  In 2002 he began to realize what he needed to do to help so many up and coming artists who had a dream perform and share their music to the public.  After watching the industry he had known so well and loved so much began to change for what he did not consider a change for the better.  Through his experience over the years he had begun to see the industry labels shift from talent to financial gain.  If you had the budget the major labels had the time to place an artist on the label and left the plan up to the producer to produce them to label expectations.  When Frazier considered that to be harder then just choosing the appropriate talent in the first place allowing the budget to come from the sales of the records.  That is the time, He decided to do things his own way.  In 2002 he began devising a proposal to assist artists in their development dreams.

In today’s music the independent industry is where so many more opportunities are available to up and coming artists.  In the independent-music world, an indie artist has more control over one’s own music career.   They work more closely with the producer and they have a more personal relationship with their record label.  They have a close handle on the finances, from the sales to bookings to the investment budget for their own project.  The artist reserves the right to negotiate the masters, their name, their music, etc.  They have so much more to gain and more control over the direction their career takes.  In the independent industry world you work very closely in the decision making process with everything that pertains to your music career.  You have a say…you are not a puppet! You control what happens to you as an artist.

Instar Entertainment Label Group is family-owned and operated right here in the area of Nashville, Tennessee. Since Frazier’s indie-label opened its doors in 2002, we’ve treated every artist like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.  Our staff has been within the industry as an artist as well as the recording production industry for many years.  We have the experience to take your music to the next level.

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